Tamar is the best! She had helped me find my inner peace and emotional stability in the chaos I was living in. Through her guidance, I was able to connect to myself and calm down. I am so grateful, as I know I can always reconnect when I need a reminder to be present and trust my journey.”

- C.F (Vero Beach, FL)

Working with Tamar has helped me uncover underlying patterns that contributed to both my health issues, my job and stability. At first, I was skeptical about speaking with a life coach, but we connected right away and her patience and guidance has helped improve my confidence, my outlook on life and how I tackle my challenges. I have also felt a benefit in my ongoing and new relationships. I could not have done it without her.”

- A. Levy (Tel-Aviv, IL)

After 17 sessions, I can honestly tell you, I am on top of the world. Tamar is an excellent coach with the vision and a desire to help, and her clear direction helped me uncover behaviors I didn't even know were there. I am now able to approach life with a more positive energy.”

- D. Wysocky (South Florida)

Before I met Tamar, I was utterly lost. With her help I started to believe in myself once again. I feel as if I've started a new life at the age of 32, and I don't believe I could've done it without her. Thank you Tamar! From the bottom of my heart!”

- S. Lev Ari (Israel)

I have just divorced and finished a relationship where there was financial, psychological, and physical violence. I was struggling a lot with coming back to a normal life, while living as an immigrant, all by myself in a foreign country and no family. Tamar, whom I have the honor and privilege to call my dear friend, gave me the support and help that I needed so much. Tamar gave me some very simple steps and guided me so that I found the ways to virtually start a new life. With New goals, true love, a life which is really fulfilling and meaningful. Of course I am still using Tamar's strategies as they are so effective in helping me grow and live a much happier life. In fact, at the time when I started, I couldn't imagine that these simple steps which Tamar has been helping me make, would bring me to the life I life I am living today. Thank you so much Tamar! You are a blessing."

- Milla Meleshenko (Melbourne, Australia)

" Tamar, your love for people and your commitment to causing transformation brought us together as we worked and caused transformation across the globe. Thank you so much for showing up ever on time, ever extensively prepared to coach and support my group of corporate clients in Uganda.
Your ability to connect with people from a culture different from yours and to be totally vulnerable while at the same time being supportive to them was deeply impactful. Your wisdom, knowledge and experience that you share generously set you apart as a life changer.
I enjoyed working with you on our "BREAK YOUR LIMITS" program and hope we shall have an opportunity to work on a project with you again".
- Mpumwire Edidah Tumwebaze